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Weary Waiters, Listen for the Sound of Rain!

During a time of worship recently, I saw a vision of a portal opening in the clouds and heard the Lord say, "Weary waiters, there is an opening to step through to a new level of faith and expectation".

Many have grown weary in waiting and even your countenance has grown downcast as your expectations have become diminished over time. The waiting and persevering period has been so long and so intense. Many feel drained and as if they have lost their way. The battle in the second heaven has caused a difficulty in discerning and hearing God's voice for some as the enemy has attempted to distort and bring interference.

Then, as I saw this portal of light opening in the clouds, I knew that God was about to fortify the faith of His persevering ones. The weary waiters were about to get a second wind! This would not be just any wind, but a supernatural Spirit-filled wind to carry them through into the new thing God is getting ready to do. Get ready to be energized, refreshed, and renewed as this second wind begins to blow upon you. Have you noticed that the winds usually come before the rains begin?

I then heard in my spirit these words from an old hymn written in the 1800's:

There shall be showers of blessing; This is the promise of love;

There shall be seasons refreshing, Sent from the Savior above.

Showers of blessing, Showers of blessing we need;

"Mercy drops round us are falling, But for the showers we plead."

(from "Showers of Blessing" lyrics by Daniel Webster)

We are beginning to experience the mercy drops of revival and renewal, but we HUNGER for the showers. We are longing and waiting for the downpour--a continual FLOOD of His life-giving rains that will manifest in us and on us.

Listen for the Sound of Rain

In 2 Kings we find Elijah also in a place of waiting for the rains to come. Their land had been in an intense drought both naturally and spiritually, just as we are experiencing at this time in our nation. But, Elijah heard the sound of heavy rain before the rain even started. Weary waiters, don't give up listening for the sound of the rain! Can you hear it? Keep your ear attuned to God and what He intends to pour out on the earth. God will manifest the sound of His rains in your spirit even before it is manifest in the natural.

Weary waiters, God is calling you into an active prophetic intercession role to aid in birthing the rains of revival. Notice that the moments where Elijah heard the sound of heavy rain occurred immediately following his famous confrontation and showdown with the prophets of Baal. Things had come to a spiritual head and kairos moment for Elijah and the people of God. A kairos moment is the appointed time in the purposes of God. This was surely a God appointed time and He was mercifully turning their hearts back to him once again.

We are in a similar showdown moment right now. Evil has become less hidden and blatantly arrogant. God is causing a great exposing and revealing of those things that have stood opposed to the Kingdom of Light. The enemy has already been defeated, but his torment of the sons and daughters of God has continued. "For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed." Romans 8:19. A significant part of this revealing will be the children of God stepping into their powerful role and place as the royal priesthood and heirs of salvation. God has given us the power to bind and loose, and open and shut things, releasing His kingdom to advance.

Just as Elijah assumed a birthing position on top of mount Carmel, we are to follow God's instructions and position ourselves accordingly, ready to birth through intercession the breakthroughs of Heavenly rain He is wanting to release.

Prepare the Altars

In I Kings 18:30, Elijah repaired the altar of the LORD that had been torn down. The altar was a place of sacrifice and a place where the grace and mercy of the LORD was released following the sacrifice. Now as believers, we experience a continual flow of the grace and mercy of God because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the very Lamb of God. But, many around us have never experienced this incredible forgiveness and grace.

Just as Elijah received specific instructions for repairing the altar and then preparing it for a miraculous display of God's power to that generation, God is calling the Church to prepare for amazing displays and encounters of His fire and power to this present generation. The enemy's plan has included a deep discouragement and "dumbing down" of the faith of God's people. It's time to shake off these harassing spirits and come into alignment with the inevitable kairos moments planned for our day. Those who have grown weary in well doing are about to be revived so that they can revive others.

God is issuing an alert to the weary waiters to lift up your eyes towards the light, and tune your ears to the sounds of heavy rain. Step in to His grace-filled infusion of energy and receive His refreshing second wind. God has an assignment for you in this hour. Though we are experiencing His mercy drops all around us, we plead for the showers. We declare His life-changing rains to come! May our Church altars once again be drenched with His life-giving waters. We won't settle for less than a Holy Spirit downpour. This generation will also cry out as did Elijah's generation when they encountered the power of God, "The LORD--He is God! The LORD--He is God!" I Kings 18:39b


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