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Attend to Your Own Vineyard

"...They made me keeper of the vineyards, but my own vineyard I have not kept!" Song of Songs 1:6b

"My child, it is a time to attend to your own vineyard. You have been through a difficult season, distracted and focusing on many things. You have been busied with caring for the needs of others, but it is time to care for your own vineyard. You are the steward of all the things I have entrusted to you, including your own body. Take inventory of all that is in your hands. Are the vines healthy and flourishing or are they languishing and in need of care and water?

I am bringing many things into greater alignment in this season. A life in alignment will be better able to sustain the acceleration and momentum that is coming. A brittle vine will snap under pressure, but a supple one will bend and move with My Spirit.

As your soul prospers, you will prosper in all things. Take care of the small things, the "little foxes" that would come into ruin the vines. Practice My Presence in all things. Forgive quickly. Turn your anxious thoughts into prayers. Renew your mind daily, receiving the washing with water of My word. Love generously and refuse to harbor offense.

Allow My hands as your skillful Vinedresser to nurture your vines and prune where necessary. Trust that My intentions for you are loving and full of wise compassion. Though pruning may feel painful now, it is needed for greater fruitfulness and the increase of life I have planned for you. You are part of My New Wine Army. I am indeed doing a new thing, and I will reveal My new wine in this time. My new wine will flow from My Bride and those who have set themselves apart for Me and My Spirit.

My child, look today to the health of your own garden. Drink from the waters of My refreshing river and receive the healing sustenance that time in My Presence provides.

Come away with Me and draw strength from My eyes."


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