New Alignments for New Assignments

The wind of God is blowing in the earth bringing great shift, change, and transition. In order for shift to take place, many times NEW ALIGNMENTS will come. When you are wanting to shift gears in a car, the gears must come into proper alignment for the shift to take place, and then forward movement comes as a result. We are, and will continue to be, in a season of great alignment. God is shining His light on areas that are out of alignment always with the redemptive purpose of bringing things back into alignment. It is His desire that we are positioned to move and shift with the great transition, stepping into the new assignments He has prepared for us. MINDSET ALIGNMENTS There are different

I Am Dismantling in Order to Re-mantle

Recently I heard the Lord say, "I am dismantling in order to re-mantle." Many in the Body of Christ have experienced a season of great shift and transition. For some, the dismantling of existing structures, patterns, ministries, and systems has been unnerving. But, God is using the uncertainty and change to turn hearts to Him as our "true north". It is His Presence alone that we follow when all is shaking around us. We must resist the temptation to default back to what feels comfortable and choose to trust instead, following our Faithful One into this new era. God will often use our discomfort, frustration or even the pain of broken relationships to cause us to shift or move in a new or dif

Ascending Father Mountain

My husband and I were recently with our daughter in Turkey and had an amazing experience that I believe was a God orchestrated encounter and surprise. One day we enjoyed some beach time and loved watching the Paragliders sailing above the beach we were visiting. Then, our daughter read that there was a restaurant on top of Babadag Mountain nearby where you could watch the Paragliders take off. We thought that sounded like fun, so off we went. The drive up the mountain was incredibly beautiful, but extremely curvy, and towards the top it became more and more steep, treacherous, and of course, no guardrails to be found! The temperature of our rental car engine was beginning to rise and we all

"Hosting His Presence" 

28 Day Prayer Guide for 2020

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Sylvia is a prophetic voice and prophetic blogger who operates with an anointing to understand the times and seasons. She has a passion to encourage and equip people to discover their true identity and mature in Christ to walk in their God-given destiny. Sylvia and her husband, Richard, are the senior pastors of True Life in Round Rock, Texas. They are also the co-directors of the Austin School of Supernatural Ministry as well as regional facilitators in Central Texas for Sozo Ministry. Sylvia and Richard have two children and two grandchildren.

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