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It's Time to Trust Again

Recently during a time of worship, I saw a line drawn in the sand and people standing on one side, looking as if they were unable to cross over the line. I instinctively knew that disappointments and unanswered questions were holding them back from stepping over the line to give their hearts to fully trust again.

The enemy had lied to these individuals, clouding their perceptions and ability to clearly see the path ahead of them. A cloudy film hung over their eyes like cataracts, but the film consisted of their perceptions of situations that had occurred, and it had built up making it difficult to see.

"But as for me my feet had almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold..." (Ps. 73:2)

This is where many find themselves right now. The onslaught of difficult circumstances have come in such a way that you feel as if your feet have slipped. It is difficult to move ahead and you haven't been able to see the way. Loss of family members, prolonged sickness, financial setbacks, relational difficulties, and more have plagued many causing hope deferred to taunt and threaten to take up residence in your hearts.

"All day long I have been afflicted, and every morning brings new punishments." (Ps. 73:14)

Come Into God's Sanctuary

If you can identify and find yourself In the midst of this swirl of difficulty and inability to see ahead, God is inviting you into the sanctuary with Him. He is inviting you to trust Him again. It is in this intimate place where He will speak and reveal His heart for you and bring understanding to your place of confusion.

He is inviting you to lay down your hurt and your wounded pride and come to Him with a humble heart to hear and believe in His goodness. It is in this secret place with Him that He will pour His healing oil into your wounded heart.

"When I tried to understand it all, I just couldn't. It was too puzzling--too much of a riddle to me. But then one day I was brought into the sanctuaries of God, and in the light of glory, my distorted perspective vanished." (Ps. 73:16-17 TPT)

Our wounded and distorted perceptions are healed as we encounter the light of His glory. This is a place of honest and open communication and a place where truth is revealed. The light emanating from His countenance dispels all darkness and confusion.

Many are standing at that line in the sand. Things too difficult to understand have paralyzed you, causing a hesitation in moving on with God and others. God is beckoning you to come into His sanctuary and be with Him.

Unanswered Questions and a Choice to Worship

In the familiar story where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead in John 11, we find Mary struggling to trust Jesus, the man whom she had come to serve and love as Lord. When they initially reached out to Jesus, and he delayed to come immediately, both Mary and her sister Martha were overcome with questions and doubt. When Jesus finally arrived after Lazarus was dead and buried, Mary's response reveals the torrent of emotions she must have felt:

"When Mary reached the place where Jesus was and saw him, she fell at his feet and said, "Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died." - John 11:32

The scripture doesn't give us a lot of Mary's subsequent process, but we know that Jesus did raise Lazarus from the dead, and this she witnessed. But, a very revealing moment is found one chapter later, in John 12 where Mary pours an expensive bottle of perfume on Jesus' feet, anointing them and then wiping them with her hair. We don't know if all her former questions were answered or resolved, but her extravagant act of worship reveals that her heart was in a place to fully trust again. Mary was willing to put the past behind her as she moved forward with an intimate act of devotion. Mary chose to offer a sacrifice of worship without demanding that all her questions be answered. Mary chose to trust.

The only way to trust again is to trust again. I feel God is beckoning many right now to put aside unanswered questions, disappointments, and those things that have held your heart captive in this season. For some, a conscious decision to just trust again needs to be made. For others, a deeper process of healing may need to occur first. But, either way, I see the Father extending His hand to come into His sanctuary with Him. It is in this refuge with Him where true healing will occur and hearts will once again burn with the flame of passionate love and devotion.

I hear the Father saying, "Trust Me. Lay aside the things you don't understand, and be with Me. I will guide you with My counsel and you will know the way to go. I will remove your cataracts of distortion and give you Spirit eyes. Look to me and magnify who I am in the midst of your confusion. I will level the rough places before you and once again give you a firm place to stand. I am bringing you into alignment and you will walk uprightly in the land I am giving you. Come, bathe in My glory. This is a place above the enemy's waves of confusion and lies. You have been capsized, but I am bringing you upright, and restoring you to navigate with ease as you learn to follow My light."


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