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Hearts are Coming Alive Again

The Father is thawing out hearts that have been frozen because of the unyielding coldness and bleak situations many have experienced in the past season. Many have known fear, despair, and great trauma that has left them battle torn and weary. God is breaking off the ice that has surrounded these hearts and the warmth of His glorious Presence is beginning to flood in.

There are those whose hearts have been numb and unable to feel because of the pain they have experienced. Emotions have been shut down, but His warm healing oil is being poured out over these places to awaken, revive, and restore. Emotions are going to come alive and you will know what it is to feel again, to really live life again.

A softening is coming for hearts that have hardened as a result of the fierce battles. Like a turtle huddled in its shell you have retreated and sought protection, closing off your heart so that the pain would not be so great. Even now, REVIVAL RIVERS full of love, mercy, and grace are flowing to heal and restore those broken and sealed off places.

The battles have been intense and the attacks against you unrelenting. But, the Lord's love for you is exponentially more unrelenting. He won't give up on you! His love towards you is tireless and His persistence is unmeasured. He will not leave you in your wounded state, but is coming as the Deliverer and Champion of your freedom.

"You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain." Song of Songs 4:12

The garden of your heart may have seemed locked up for a time and you wondered if you would ever experience true life again. The springs of living water within you felt as if they had been closed off, unable to flow. The Spirit of God is moving to reverse the curse against you the enemy has attempted to enforce. You will know what it is to flow with the rivers of living water once again. God is throwing open the windows of your heart and His light is flooding in to cause a GREAT RESURGENCE like you have never known before. You will see and experience His goodness all around you! The waters of your inner fountain will begin to flow again and you will find the greatest delight in His refreshing river.

"Awake, north wind, and come, south wind! Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread everywhere..." Song of Songs 4:16a

God is moving all across the earth, and His winds are beginning to blow, ushering in His restoration of hearts and great harvest. Hungry, hurting hearts in need of His healing are beginning to cry out and turn towards Him once again allowing His ardent affection to melt away the prisons of pain bringing welcome freedom. The warm winds of His Spirit are beginning to blow and hearts are coming alive again. Blow Spirit, blow!


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