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God, Raise Up Your Mordecais in This Generation!

Recently we celebrated Purim, the holiday that commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people that all began during the time Esther lived. Over the years we have rightly honored Esther for the brave stand that she took to approach the King on behalf of her people, the Jews. Esther had been warned that the wicked Haman had devised an evil plot to destroy every Jew. Esther's willingness to risk her own life to approach the King began the shift that changed everything for her family and nation.

As I read again this much loved story during Purim, I was impressed by something different this time. My attention was drawn to the life of Mordecai, Esther's cousin, who had taken her in as a child when her parents had died. I read through the book of Esther, verse by verse, marking and noting every sentence referring to Mordecai, and making note of his part in this epic story. What I experienced was a holy awe in observing his sacrificial life. Though Esther has always been portrayed as the heroine of this story, I came to see Mordecai as a very notable hero in his own rite.

I believe God is calling for a generation of Mordecais to step up to the plate in this hour to help mentor and raise up the next Esthers of our time. Esther would not have been the same Esther we come to know through scripture had it not been for the godly upbringing and watchful care that had been given her by Mordecai. We are in a time where God is raising up mothers and fathers to nurture and mentor the next generation into their place as sons and daughters of the kingdom. This generation has been known as a "fatherless" generation, and so the need is great. There are many who have not known what it is to be loved by a father and mother and to receive both their love and discipline.

Mordecai was resolute and focused on serving God and serving others. He lived by example the life that He would want Esther to emulate. I believe the best mentors or mothers and fathers are those who choose to live their lives unto God in a manner that those who are in their realm of influence can easily observe and follow.

Mordecai, the Prophetic Watchman

Mordecai also operated in a prophetic watchman anointing. Over and over in the story of Esther, we find Mordecai positioned at the king's gate not only watching over the life of Esther, but also the nation of his people, the Jews. Mordecai had his ear tuned to hear what God was doing so that God's plans and purposes could be implemented. That is why Mordecai, who sat outside the king's gate, picked up on a conspiracy to assassinate King Xerxes that those within the king's gates knew nothing about. (Esther 2:21-23) Mordecai conveyed the plan to Esther who in turn shared it with the king. Not only was the king's life saved as a result, but the incident became intricately woven into the unfolding of God's purposes and plans for the people of Israel as the story progresses.

God is raising up His Mordecais in this hour. He is raising up those with the WATCHMAN ANOINTING who will station themselves on the wall. These ones will have no need to be in the forefront, but instead have laid their lives down for the love of God and those around them. God will position them in strategic places of influence. Some will sit at the "king's gate" and serve as listening ears and ambassadors of influential light and truth into dark places. Others will be positioned in more obscure places, but it will not matter as their role is no less significant. They serve King Jesus.

A Man of No Compromise

Mordecai would not bend his knee or bow before the evil Haman. "All the royal officials at the king's gate knelt down and paid honor to Haman, for the king had commanded this concerning him. But Mordecai would not kneel down or pay him honor." (Esther 3:2) Though Mordecai had been willing to uncover a plot to assassinate the king, he knew where to draw the line. He had undoubtedly observed Haman and recognized evil in him, so he was unwilling to bow his knee or pay him honor.

Those operating in the Mordecai spirit will be unwilling to compromise and bow their knee to evil. Their hearts will not be drawn into the political spirit or cowardice that seeks to appease those in high positions for the purpose of their own advancement. Those with the Mordecai spirit will have already fully given their hearts and total allegiance to the King of Kings. They can not be bought, persuaded, or manipulated into betrayal or disloyalty. They will not be worried about their loss of reputation, or damage to their platform, but will wisely discern and assess the path they are to take.

Some operating in the Mordecai spirit are going to be called to step into the forefront. There will be strategic moments to let their voice be heard and their warning cry released. These brave and discerning ones will be willing to upset the applecart when needed. The Mordecais will be willing to release the tough messages and make the hard decisions because they have learned to walk in humility and integrity in stewarding God's voice to them.

Mordecai must have inwardly trembled at what he was asking Esther to do when he sent word to her to appear before the King uninvited. He knew that appearing uninvited would be punished by death unless the King chose to extend his golden scepter to her. This young woman, now a queen, was the one Mordecai had loved and cared for like a father. Yet, he believed and knew that God had strategically positioned her. This is why he was able to convey these hard words to her:

"Do not think that because you are in the king's house you alone of all the Jews will escape. For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?" Esther 4:13-14

Esther's Courageous Response

Though Esther initially balked at the thought of approaching the King uninvited, Mordecai's persistent wisdom and pleas brought about a shift in her heart. Esther wisely asked for Mordecai to gather all the Jews in a three day fast revealing her faith that God was the one who could shift the heart of the King and once again show her favor. The fast was very effective as not only did the King show Esther favor as she entered, but Esther then developed a strategy that would honor the King and at the same time expose the wicked Haman.

As we move forward into this new era, God is highlighting fasting, prayer, and intercession in a fresh way. The Holy Spirit is moving among His people, igniting fresh fires of intercession as hearts are awakened. Many are beginning to see prayer with new eyes and new passion. The plans and purposes of God are linked with the Bride of Christ stepping fully into her role as the royal priesthood. We are moving along at the rate that we yield ourselves to His wooing of our hearts into His courts of prayer and intercession. God's battle plans and war room strategies will be absolutely essential to advance the kingdom in the coming days. Those who have given themselves to the call of their King into the secret place will rise to the forefront with wisdom and authority.

Mordecai Receives a Ring

A pivotal, and yet often unnoticed verse appears in Esther 8:2, "The king took off his signet ring, which he had reclaimed from Haman, and presented it to Mordecai. And Esther appointed him over Haman's estate." The handing over of Haman's ring to Mordecai is a significant and touching moment in the story. In the blink of an eye, Mordecai is promoted from obscurity, to great prominence. This verse represents to me a beautiful picture of what Christ accomplished on the cross. Through His death, burial, and resurrection, He defeated our enemy, satan. He later acknowledges that all authority in Heaven and earth had been given to Him. He retrieved the keys of authority that had been lost through man's sin, and now commissions us in that same authority. He "gives us his signet ring" so to speak, and now we are able to make the royal decrees and edicts that line up with His righteous kingdom.

All of creation groans for the sons and daughters of God to be awakened to the fact that we now wear our King's signet ring. He has given us authority to move in His name and in that authority to declare, release, bind, loose, and make edicts that bring glory to His name.

"And all the nobles of the provinces, the satraps, the governors and the king's administrators helped the Jews, because fear of Mordecai had seized them. Mordecai was prominent in the palace; his reputation spread through the provinces, and he became more and more powerful. (Esther 9:3-4)

Yes, God has positioned His present day Mordecais in the world today. These ones have given their hearts over to their one King. They will be instrumental in mentoring and raising up Esthers who have learned to emulate their way of faith and life of devotion. The Mordecais may sometimes go unnoticed on earth, but Heaven notices and delights in their unfolding story of humility, courage, and love. Many Mordecais will step into promotion and prominence that surprises those around them. God will use them as watchman on His wall to hear from Heaven and bring great influence to leaders and kings. Yet, God has set His seal upon their hearts, and they belong to their Beloved.

God, raise up Your Mordecais in this generation!

"When Mordecai left the king's presence, he was wearing royal garments of blue and white, a large crown of gold and a purple robe of fine linen. And the city of Susa held a joyous celebration." Esther 8:15


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