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Shelter at Home in the Shelter of the Most High

Psalm 91 has been a theme for many in this season, and it has been for me as well. I have a history with Psalm 91, and so I knew to quickly return to the vast riches that can be mined from meditating, soaking, and probing the depths of the secrets of peace and healing the Lord has hidden for us in His beautiful, living words.

I was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of cancer in 2015 and the prognosis was very grim. I ran to the One who is my strength and He led me to immerse myself in the depths of Psalm 91, which I did for months. Over and over, He would remind me to hide myself under the shadow of His wings.

I had a powerful encounter one day seeing myself as a little "chick" coming under the protection and covering of His mighty and protective, healing wings. That visual became my place of hiding anytime the oppressive darkness would threaten to close in on me.

Then, as if to seal His promises to me in that time, He sent a Roadrunner to my kitchen windowsill with a snake in his beak. The Roadrunner came every day twice a day for 40 days and slept every night huddled on the windowsill. In my spirit, I knew it was a living representation of being "covered by His feathers".

Many find themselves encountering oppressive darkness right now as this plague of sickness threatens to ravage the earth. I hear the Spirit of God calling all who would awaken to His voice, "Do not be afraid My children. Though everything around you is screaming death and poverty, I have a place of hiding for you. Come in under the shadow of My wings, my little ones. I am your refuge. I am your dwelling. Yes, I will stop the enemy's arrows that would seek to harm you. See, even now as you place your trust in Me, I am releasing angels to protect you.

You are not to live in fear My little ones. Remember, I have made you OVERCOMERS! As you turn to Me and call to Me, I will be your strength and refuge until the storm passes. My children, as you draw from My strength you will turn and tread upon the enemy. Yes, you will trample the things that oppose you!

I am adding weight to your words. War from your place of refuge, My children! Your words carry the power of life or death, so choose wisely what you speak and release. As you come into agreement with My plans and strategies there will be power and momentum released as you declare in rhythm with Heaven. Be silent no more! Strike the ground! Believe that you are powerful and step into the fulfillment of prophetic promises spoken long ago.

Sanctify your tongue unto Me so that only praises flow from your mouth and not curses. Walk in forgiveness daily so that your arrows remain sharp and none will fall to the ground. I am advancing in the earth and together we will take new territory for the Kingdom of Light. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it! (Ps. 81:10b) Yes, I will fill it with My prophetic arrows to tear down injustice, release healing, peace and establish truth and righteousness in the nations. Though arrows have come against you, now you will turn them back on the enemy as you release the utterances of Heaven.

My children, hide yourself under the shadow of My wings until the storm passes. I will hold you close and show you My salvation and deliverance."

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