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Finding Traction in the Midst of Distraction

Just as I was going to sleep last night I kept hearing the word "distraction". I am sensing that there is a LOT of distraction going on right now for many people on a lot of different levels. As I was listening to the Lord and what He might say, He focused in on the word "distraction" and broke it down to show me "dis- traction". Then I heard Him say, "The enemy is wanting to cause my children to lose traction and not be able to move forward. If you focus on the distraction you will be stuck and unable to accomplish what I have for you in this season. I have a place of traction for you in the midst of distraction. Even when the very ground beneath seems as if it is crumbling away, I have a place for you to stand. I have ground for you to take and I will give you what you need to move forward".

The word distraction means "a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else". The prefix "dis" means to do the opposite of, or to bring about a negative reversal. Though the enemy is seeking to bring about a negative reversal of this season of forward movement, God has a plan to accomplish everything He has promised.

If you have ever been stuck in the snow, mud, or sand, you know that you need traction to get you out of that situation. I remember my father placing boards underneath our tires when we were stuck in snow, and slowly the tires would grip the boards, and find the traction we needed to move the car out of the snow.

In finding our traction, I felt like the Lord would say that our focus is extremely important right now. Though there may be distractions of all types around us, we can choose how and what we will focus on. This journey of focus and finding traction in the midst of distraction is causing believers to learn to walk in a new level of authority in the midst of warfare.

"Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you" - Prov. 4:25. The enemy is seeking to pull our eyes to the right or the left and divert our attention from the path before us. But, I hear the Lord saying, "Keep your eyes on me and I will bring you through. I will give you strength and focus in the midst of chaos. You will be a lighthouse for others and a beacon in the midst of swirling storms as You keep your gaze on Me and only Me. I have miraculous solutions and provision for the mud pits you may find yourself in. I have TRACTION for you in the midst of distraction and the very things the enemy has sent to cause you to be stuck, I will use as stepping stones to move you forward. Yes, though the enemy is saying, 'You are losing ground', I am shouting, "WE ARE GAINING GROUND! I am working beneath the surface in ways you cannot see and bringing about the traction needed to propel you forward."

Our strength (traction) is found deep in the secret place and the house of intimacy we have built with Him. In this season, God is calling us to a new level of connection and partnering with Him. Unholy alliances, alignments, and reliances will be exposed as faulty as God calls us to a higher place of aligning with His Spirit. These "unholy" things will cause a loss of traction if we insist on holding on to them.

"....Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. (Heb. 12:1b)

God is calling us to a higher level of alertness and vigilance in protecting the house of intimacy we have built with Him. It's time to throw off any and everything that hinders our ability to run with Him. As we make Him the true center of our lives, giving Him honor and first place in our hearts, He will meet us with wisdom, rhema words, strategies, and blueprints for the coming days of advancement.

I see God releasing His peace to many troubled hearts. In the midst of your turmoil, He is saying, "Peace be still. I have a place of refuge for You in the storm. Take courage, for I have overcome the world. (John 16:33b) I will be your traction in the midst of distraction and together we will move forward."

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