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God is Healing the Great Divide

This morning as I was praying and pondering over all that is happening in my state of Texas, I saw a picture of a large chasm in the earth and saw waters rushing in to fill that chasm. Then, I heard God say, "I'm coming in to heal the great divide".

For months now, our news, media, and social media have been full of reports of racial tension and strife. In many ways it has felt like an almost impossible situation to overcome as the spirit of hatred and contention has festered like an open wound.

But, our God is here to heal! Our God is moving in to heal the great divide that has existed between races in our land. Our God is able to take something as devastating as Hurricane Harvey and turn it around for good. I personally do not believe that God sends the destruction, but He is more than able to take what the enemy would use for evil and turn it into good.

God is writing a new chapter in the book called "America". God is writing a chapter of healing, restoration, recompense, and revival. The love of God is being demonstrated and poured out as all races are linking arms and reaching out to rescue, serve, and aid one another in the midst of one of the greatest tragedies our nation has every experienced. Rescue workers, law enforcement, health care workers, news reporters and many others will all be touched and there will be a change of heart. A change of heart is coming deep in the heart of Texas!

I believe it is significant that at the same time Harvey hit our country, there were monuments to our past history being removed across our nation. As I pondered this reality, I heard the Lord say, "As the monuments are being removed, I'm doing something MONUMENTAL. I'm cleansing the pain of the past and healing the great divide. My love is rushing in to fill the chasm with rivers of living waters. I'm coming deep in the heart of Texas and my rivers of love will flow and overflow to touch every corner of this nation. I'm revealing my glory and what has been deemed an epic natural disaster, I will use now to move upon my people in an epic supernatural move of my Spirit."

The Lord then reminded me of the story of Noah and the great flood in Genesis 6-8. As I read, He highlighted to me that Noah released a dove to see if the waters had receded. The dove is traditionally a symbol of peace and the Holy Spirit in scripture. When the dove returned to Noah it had an olive branch in its beak.(Gn. 8:11) The olive branch represents peace and can also represent new beginnings. I felt God is saying that He is releasing His Dove of Peace in our land and we are stepping into a new beginning as a nation.

After the dove returned, Noah waited seven more days and then released the dove again, but this time the dove did not return to him. (Gn. 8:11-12) I believe God is releasing His Dove, the Holy Spirit, in the state of Texas in the midst of her pain and tragedy. The Dove of God is hovering over our state and nation eager to do the will of the Father by bringing restoration, healing, and revival. And just as the flood waters have reached epic proportions, so will the move of His Spirit.

I feel God is also calling His Church to stand in the place of agreement with what He is wanting to do. God is releasing His battle orders and plans right now, and hearts that are open to hear the "new thing" will flow and move with the breath of His Spirit in the coming days. There will be a great networking and synergy as different streams and tribes join hands to step into the glory of God revealed in this new season. May we walk with humble hearts, ears to hear, and eyes to see all that He wants to do!

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