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It's Time for Your Reveal Party!

My child, I have walked with you through this season of pressure and intense yearning. I have planted my seeds of more deep within you. You have felt the pull of Heaven's realm in your spirit, calling, urging, and declaring the greater things. You have felt a Holy dissatisfaction with the status quo. You have come this far, and now you know you cannot go back.

You have been made for more and the revealing is upon you. There has been much preparation to bring you to this moment in time. You have felt the sting of circumstances and the vice of squeezing that has pushed you through, preparing you for the new. Nothing has been wasted. Every evil assignment of your adversary I am turning. I am turning them for your favor. They will serve as stepping stools to propel you higher into your destiny.

I am bringing healing to you now. In this next season, healing will come to your heart as joy and fulfillment erase the pain of your past season. I am shining truth into every dark crevice of your heart where lies have hidden until now.

There must be a healing and then the revealing. Do not hurry through the healing hallways, as the depth of your healing will determine the height of your flight. But, you will emerge with wings that soar. I am giving you a steadfast heart and I am causing you to rise above those things that have sought to hold you back.

Revelation will come to your orphan heart revealing true sonship and true daughtership. That which has been masked, covered, and just beyond grasp, will all become increasingly clear in glorious encounters with My love.

My child, I am excited that the time of your unveiling is here! You are My workmanship that I have lovingly labored to create, and I am pulling back the veil that has covered you. I have painted every season of your life with the utmost love and creativity. The time of unveiling is upon you and you will witness firsthand My delight in revealing My masterpiece. Like a well-worded poem, you will emerge, born of My mind and heart, fashioned to impact the world that I love.

The birthing time of My promises is upon you. All that I have planned and prepared will be unveiled.

It's time for your REVEAL PARTY, My beautiful one!

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?..." Isa. 43:19a

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