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Dream Big! Trust Big!

My child, your hesitation has revealed your unbelief. Do you not know that My strength will be made perfect in your weakness? You have reasoned with your natural mind in an area that can only be navigated by the Spirit.

I am glad that you have now chosen to trust. Make sure you trust BIG! You will know you are trusting big when the size of the assignment seems too big for you. I have My angels waiting to assist at My command. Dream big! Trust big!

Now let the words of your mouth be words of faith, hope, and love. Come into agreement with what I want to do. Our agreement together will cause a shift in your circumstances.

The walls that hem you in are nothing for Me. Remember, My words are a powerful, creative force. They create realities. I want to teach you how to use My words to bring down the walls in your life that hinder you from moving forward. Remember how David had the stones and slingshot to slay the giant, Goliath? My words are the stones in your sling. As you release them against these walls in your life, you will begin to see them crumble.

Dear one, it all comes down to faith. My word is a sure thing and never returns to Me void. It always accomplishes the purpose for which I sent it. You are made in My image and through My Son, Jesus, I have given you authority over the evil one. Do you believe you have it? Will you take this step of faith and trust in me?

As you step forward with My words in your mouth, you will see the impossible bow to what I say is possible. Even as the Red Sea parted to allow the children of Israel to walk through on dry ground, so will I part the seas before you. Dream big! Trust big!

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