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Wounded Warrior, Bring Me Your Heart

Wounded warrior, I have a place of healing for you. Watch as the fog lifts from your battlefield, giving you a clearer view of the enemy you have faced. The darkness and haze have served as a cover for the evil schemes against you. But, My light is burning off the clouds and you will once again see with accurate perception.

He who masquerades as an angel of light will now be exposed for the true darkness he is. Come and bring me your wounded heart. I will breathe new life into the broken places. Your heart is to be wholly mine, holy, not holey.

As you come to Me, I will fill the holey places with my compassionate love. I will restore innocence and childlikeness as you taste and see that I am good. Encounters with My love will erase the painful wounds that have afflicted and hardened your heart and soul. Come now and rest in my perfect intent towards you.

Allow My cleansing breakers to wash over you as you inhale My goodness, faithfulness, mercy and peace. Now release all bitterness, anger, fear, and regret as they roll farther, and farther away in the tide of my great grace.

I am restoring trust where you have experienced confusion and bewilderment. See, I will contend with those who contend with you. Be assured of this, I am your Defender, your Anchor, fixed, and immoveable. My hope inside of you will rise, higher and higher, displacing every foreign thought that stands against My Kingdom of Light.

Come away, dear one, and rest in the grassy fields of my grace. Be strengthened in my unending, unconditional, and unfathomable love for you.

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   Sylvia Neusch

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