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Full Circle Moments Are Upon You!

As we have stepped into 2018 and this season of acceleration in the Kingdom, many will begin to experience "full circle" moments. God is pulling back the curtain on the play of your life to reveal how He has been at work. He is orchestrating scenarios and situations in our lives to bring the plots of our faith walk with Him into grand displays and climaxes to reveal His hand of glory in our lives.

Many will be stunned and left speechless to see how God has been holding the pieces of their life in His hands all along, carefully working behind the scenes to redeem, restore, vindicate, and then reveal His glory. Yes, full circle moments are upon you! God is bringing full circle those things and situations in your life that caused you pain, despair, and heartache. Dead dreams will now be brought back to life as God blows away the dust and cobwebs from the dark corners where they were long ago hidden and forgotten.

As God opens this new curtain on the stage of your life, you will be filled with overflowing gratefulness, and awe in His goodness and faithfulness. That which remained in the corners, sometimes for years, will now be center stage. In these full circle moments, the spotlight will be on you now, and with it will come joy, joy, joy, welling up inside. It is not a place for pride, but a deep knowing that He did it all. He "worked all things together for good" just like He promised He would!

The places where you laid down your life, your reputation, your hope for advancement, believing it would never be resurrected, He is breathing life, life, life now to show you He has NOT FORGOTTEN you! He saw it all, and He kept and cherished your tears, treasuring each one as a seed of what He knew He would do.

God is a "Finisher" of what He starts. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith, so He will not leave your faith story unfinished as you place your trust in Him. He is the greatest Author ever and can write and weave a plot that will confound each of us. As He brings you into full circle moments, offer up a heart of grateful praise to Him. Let your testimony of His goodness bring hope and life to others as you gaze in awe at all He has done.

O Lord, our God, no one can compare with you. Such wonderful works and miracles are all found with you! And you think of us all the time with your countless expressions of love--far exceeding our expectations! - Psalm 40:5 (Passion Translation)

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