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You're About to Swim in Deeper Waters!

The Ezekiel 47 river has been highlighted to me for months. Recently, I saw a picture as I was praying about the water level rising in our own church community. It was actually a memory that surfaced from around 20 years ago. In the memory I had picked up our kids from school and driven up to our house only to see water coming out from under our front door. Our house had flooded! Over the next few hours our family was "immersed" in a crash course of dealing with flood waters that were beyond our control.

I feel that the Lord is saying we are about to swim in deeper waters. The memory of water seeping out from under my front door is not so different from Ezekiel's first encounter with the river that flowed from underneath the threshold of the temple. As Ezekiel was led into ankle-deep waters, then knee-deep, then waist-deep, he then came to "a river that I could not cross"(Eze:47:5). As the chapter continues to unfold, it is clear that this ever increasing river is the very source of life to everything it touches. Everything from trees, to swarms of living creatures, to large numbers of fish would thrive in the presence of this river.

But, it is evident that this river, this river of God, cannot be managed. We can choose to avoid the river and barricade to prevent the flow in our midst, or we can choose to swim in deeper waters than we have ever experienced. The swamps and marshes mentioned in Eze. 47:11 represent places where the river is not allowed to flow. Notice it says, "the swamps and marshes will not become fresh; they will be left for salt." Those who allow the river to flow will experience unprecedented levels of supernatural abundance, the harvest of many souls, and life, life life!

Recently, our intercessors were gathered and praying about the move of God that is upon us. Again, I saw a picture of a flooding room in a house. I felt I heard the Lord say, "When water floods a room it is messy and requires radical change and flexibility. When water floods a room you will need to move up to a higher level. Preparation can be made for the coming flood, but there is no way to be ready. A grace will be released with the flood, and strategies will be birthed out of the rising waters."

God is calling many to step into deeper waters in this hour. As a child learning to swim, I remember holding on to the side of the pool in the deep end. It wasn't until I was willing to "let go" of the side that I experienced the thrill of learning to swim in waters well over my head. God is calling many to "let go" of the side of the pool and move out into deeper waters. There is definitely a feeling of risk as we survey this river that Ezekiel described as a "river that I could not cross". Not letting go of the side leaves us in the same waters we have known which may feel very safe and secure. But, we won't experience the LIFE of the deeper waters. We won't experience the joy and the thrill of the ride with Him.

For some, the very things you have dreamed about and prayed for are upon you. But, there is a fear in launching out. There is a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty that will try to keep many from giving their full "YES" to God.

Before our children could swim they would jump fearlessly into their dad's arms as he stood in waters over their head. They knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would catch them. In much the same way Father is standing in the deeper waters beckoning, "Go ahead and jump! I've got you! We will do this together!"

Children of God, it's time to "let go of the side". You're about to swim in deeper waters!

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