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It's Time for Blast Off!

This weekend it is significant that the SpaceX Launch has been rescheduled for Saturday. This launch is groundbreaking for a number of reasons, and a prophetic picture of breaking into new things and new ways of doing things. Watching the preparations and hearing the stories awakens the forerunner, adventurer, pioneer spirit in all of us. Those aboard will be stepping into a new realm and experiencing things they have never seen before. It is a picture of where God is taking us all. There will be a point where all those aboard must "BRACE FOR IMPACT" as they experience the force of the blast into space. Their training and preparedness have prepared them for this moment, but the unknown is still a large part of the picture.

The Holy Spirit spoke this phrase to me this morning, "Brace for Impact!". I felt with it a heightened urgency to be aware, waiting, watching, and preparing for what He is about to do in the earth as we experience Pentecost and beyond.

The phrase "brace for impact" is normally used in air travel when a plane is expected to crash or even make a bumpy landing, and the impact position prepares you to avoid injury as much as possible. I felt the Spirit was issuing these warning words to alert us that we are indeed about to experience an impact of epic proportions and we are about to experience a great seismic shift as the waves of His Spirit crash in upon us.

If you are standing in the ocean and a giant wave is approaching, there is little you can do except "brace for impact" because of the sheer magnitude of the wave itself. I feel the Spirit has been preparing us for quite some time so that we are not caught off guard completely, although I believe there will be the element of surprise for even the best prepared. We may be like Peter in Acts. 2:16-17, where he recalls the words of the prophet Joel, "But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel; And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams."

"This is that!" and other "Aha!" moments are coming for the people of God as we recall the words that have been prophesied before and we see the unfolding reality materializing before us.


Recently in a time of intercession, the Lord brought to mind the story of Mary Magdalene in Mark 16:9-11. We know that after His death Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had driven seven demons. This correlates so well even with the fact that the King of Kings was born in a lowly manger. He has a way of coming that catches everyone off guard. Mary Magdalene, a woman of lowly nature would be the one to herald the news that Jesus was alive.

We need to take special note that although Jesus had told his disciples that he would return to them, they did not believe Mary when she told them the news. He came and they wouldn't believe it. Surely he would appear to them first, or to a priest or city official? But, appear to Mary? They did not yet have the spiritual eyes or ears to see and discern.

Again in Mark 16:13, Jesus then appeared to a few of them in a different form and these reported it to the rest, and again they did not believe them. In Mark 16:14 Jesus rebukes them for their stubborn refusal to believe the ones who had reported seeing him. Likewise, He is confronting a hardness of heart that does not allow for Him to break through our boxes and religious cages that would try and hold Him in or dictate how He would come.

I believe OUR RELIGIOUS CAGES ARE ABOUT TO BE RATTLED, and it is those who are willing to GO LOW with Him who will experience the FULLNESS OF HIS WAVE and drink of the NEW WINE He is pouring out.

For many months (and even years), the Body of Christ has been prepared by the Spirit of God and the words of the prophets for what He is about to do. As we "Brace for Impact" let our heart cry continue to be that we would have eyes to see and ears to hear, and hearts ready to receive and perceive His coming. Let us be ready to blast off along with Him into new things and new realms as His glory is revealed in all the earth.

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