May 31, 2018

My Child, I have seen your hunger and heard your cries for more. This is the time of your visitation. This is the time of your increase. I am equipping you with new vision for a new season.

Discard the lenses of your past season for they are no longer adequate. Fresh vi...

May 18, 2018

I like to think of faith like a muscle. Like muscles, everyone has faith, but the size of our faith depends on how we partner with God to see it stewarded and developed. Hebrews 12:2 tells us that God is the “author and finisher” of our faith. If we cooperate with His...

May 4, 2018

In the last couple of weeks the Lord has been speaking to me about preparing our hearts for Divine interruptions that are coming.  Recently, He gave me the phrase, "We interrupt this regularly scheduled program".  Many of you may remember this as the way the Emergency...

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"Hosting His Presence" 

28 Day Prayer Guide for 2020

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