New Eyes for a New Season

My Child, I have seen your hunger and heard your cries for more. This is the time of your visitation. This is the time of your increase. I am equipping you with new vision for a new season. Discard the lenses of your past season for they are no longer adequate. Fresh vision is upon you! This is a time of transition. This is a time of adjustment. For you will see with new eyes and perceive with new lenses. "Blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear." Matt. 13:16 I have upgrades for your discernment and I am lifting you to a higher perspective. We are going up to a new level, a higher level. Here, you will have an advantage over your enemies. I will give you a bir

The Two Keys of Faith

I like to think of faith like a muscle. Like muscles, everyone has faith, but the size of our faith depends on how we partner with God to see it stewarded and developed. Hebrews 12:2 tells us that God is the “author and finisher” of our faith. If we cooperate with His work in our lives, He will complete our faith. As we walk and partner with God, He is writing a unique faith story through each of our lives. We know faith is very important to God because Hebrew 11:6 says, “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” These words in Hebrews 11 use to bring me to tears because I f

Divine Interruptions Coming

In the last couple of weeks the Lord has been speaking to me about preparing our hearts for Divine interruptions that are coming. Recently, He gave me the phrase, "We interrupt this regularly scheduled program". Many of you may remember this as the way the Emergency Broadcast Service would interrupt television to make important announcements of national or local importance. In the Church I believe that the move of God that is coming will have the potential to interrupt a lot of regularly scheduled programs. It's not that these programs are bad, but they will no longer fit the demands that will inevitably come as a result of the greatest harvest ever. Flexibility will become more and more i

"Hosting His Presence" 

28 Day Prayer Guide for 2020

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Sylvia is a prophetic voice and prophetic blogger who operates with an anointing to understand the times and seasons. She has a passion to encourage and equip people to discover their true identity and mature in Christ to walk in their God-given destiny. Sylvia and her husband, Richard, are the senior pastors of True Life in Round Rock, Texas. They are also the co-directors of the Austin School of Supernatural Ministry as well as regional facilitators in Central Texas for Sozo Ministry. Sylvia and Richard have two children and two grandchildren.

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